Nerf Longstrike CS-6

3 Important Facts About Nerf Longstrike CS-6

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The Nerf Longstrike CS-6 was derived from the popular Nerf N-Strike Wii computer game. Nearly 4 feet in length, as well as with futuristic designing, it is probably one of the best looking gun in the Nerf line up. Longstrike CS-6 is also the lengthiest Nerf blaster yet and also features a barrel extension that can fire up to 35 feet. It likewise has a tactical rail as well as flip-up view for far better dart-shooting accuracy. The set includes 1 quick reload clip but this gun.

CS-6 Longstrike Design & Setup
The Nerf N-Strike Longstrike, instead of inheriting the common futuristic form elements of most Nerf guns, takes on a much more classic appearance of a sniper rifle. It’s known for being one of the lengthiest Nerf blasters to date made especially for long-range targeting. Compared with other bulkier models, the Longstrike possesses a reasonably lightweight and compact design that allows one to run around and also have the option between marching towards the enemy or hiding in a remote location like a sniper waiting for its target.

The Longstrike is available in a Raider style blue, orange and grey colour scheme with matching barrel, clip as well as a fixed stock add-on. However, as soon as you connect it to your blaster it is almost impossible to remove unless you choose to open the blaster up for some modifications. Not sure why Nerf did this unless the Longstrike was possibly not created to have a removable stock and was just a separate item for product packaging intention.

Features of Nerf Longstrike
The Longstrike is a bolt-action single-shot blaster with a clip-fed ammo system. This model has a springtime powered reverse-plunger system (similar to the Nerf Spy and also Raider).

Similar to various other new N-Strike guns, the Longstrike is compatible with the interchangeable parts developed in various other N-Strike models.

The Longstrike likewise has a hassle-free emptying chamber, which can be utilized to evacuate or exchange darts. It is a model roughly equal to the Reconnaissance CS-6, with the difference that the door is gliding. This hatch is located on the top of the rifle.

In addition, one awesome function is that the Longstrike can hold 2 additional clips in the shoulder supply and having 2 clips ready is handy to dramatically lower the reload times while you’re in the heat of battle. However, you’ll have to acquire these on your own.

Problems With Longstrike CS-6
nerf n strike whiteout longstrike cs-6Many has reported poor distance with the Longstrike as a result of the reverse bettor system, which has been infamously connected with low power as well as performance. For those unfamiliar with the internals of Nerf guns, the impact of a reverse plunger system is that the plunger can’t achieve the speed that it could with a direct plunger system. Consequently, the plunger doesn’t produce as much force, and the darts don’t take a trip as far as they might with a direct plunger system.

However, the range can be boosted a bit by removing the barrel (thinking the older type with the smaller barrel diameter is made use of, instead of the bigger barrel size of the later model). In spite of that the blaster is still considered under-powered as a whole. The distance and accuracy can also be boosted by putting single darts in the blaster rather than using a clip system. Nevertheless, the Longstrike’s style makes that method harder to use at a fast pace.

One more issue with this blaster is that there is a slight delay between each shot. The blaster locks for almost a half second after each time the gun is fired, which will make it tougher to prime. Nerf lovers sometimes customize the gun to prevent these blockages and also to increase its shooting fluidity.

Nevertheless, in an inside your home for a close contact setup you the fallback of the poor range would not be obvious. It still loads a decent impact as well as provides suitable accuracy and power, although sniper rifles are normally not the weapon of choice for close contact involvement.


The Longstrike is a less than ordinary blaster. Despite being marketed as a sniper rifle, it has a less than outstanding firing distance. If you want an excellent 6-shot blaster with a good range, buy a Longshot model instead. However, it has far better precision compared to some clip system blasters as a result of its included barrel. If you want to buy the Longstrike, its Whiteout equivalent is the best selection.